Sectoral Fact Sheets

The Canada-India Business Council is committed to advancing opportunities between India and Canada, with the purpose of growing their respective economies and accelerating mutual prosperity. The Council is dedicated to promoting the economic interests of global companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as academic and government organizations engaged in the Canada-India corridor. 

The Canada-India Business Council currently focuses on five major sectors (Agriculture, Energy, Funds, Post-Secondary, Technology). Read more about the opportunities in each sector through the Canada-India Business Council's 2022 compiled fact sheets. 


Canada has developed into a robust and competitive world player in its agriculture industry. India has become one of the largest food markets in the world. With complementary production and needs, opportunities for partnership and growth are abundant in the Canada-India agriculture sector.


Energy is paramount to the economies and resilience of both Canada and India, with Canada being an expert in clean technology and India having the world's largest expansion plan is in renewable energy. Canada has the resources to support India as it transitions to renewable energy and powers its every-growing population.


India is the fastest-growing economy of size in the world today and presents ample opportunity for investors in all sectors. Canada plays an important role in India’s development through investments, which in turn provides long-term stable returns to Canadian investors. Companies in India are investing in Canada’s businesses, reaping the benefits of access to the North American market.


Canada is attracting international students from India with its high-quality post-secondary institutions. Canada depends on international students for economic growth. Drawing from India’s young, educated population benefits Canada’s economy and post-secondary sector, while fostering the next generation of bi-lateral connections between Canada and India.


Technology and innovation are the key to success and growth in today’s fourth industrial revolution. Canada and India are both home to impressive technology hubs and educated populations, ripe for the next generation of innovation and growth. India has the largest IT services industry that can support the needs of Canadian businesses, while Canada’s expertise in manufacturing, AI and data analytics can fill the needs of India’s tech sector.

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